Mucky Pups Pet Care's Terms & Conditions

  1. Mucky Pups Pet Care will not carry out any services until the invoiced amount is paid in full, prior to the service to be carried out.
  2. A free meet and greet must be carried out with all customers before any services are to be started.
  3. All vaccinations must be up to date prior to  your dog attending day care or home boarding. Any dogs not up to date with their vaccinations , kennel cough and flea and worming treatment will be refused.
  4. Females who have not been spayed will not be accepted for day care or home boarding while they're in season.
  5. All dogs must be toilet trained.
  6. All dogs must have a suitable/secure collar and lead for walking. If any collars are seen to be damaged or loose, Mucky Pups will use one of our own collars/leads we find appropriate to walk your dog safely with. This may include using a HALTI to enable us to walk your dog in a controlled and calm manor, should they pull excessively.
  7. All dogs must have an identity tag attached to their collar with the owners name address and contact number (you should not have your dogs name printed on their tag for security reasons). Whilst in Mucky Pups care we will also attach a business tag with our details for your dogs safety.
  8. All dogs attending Doggy day care will have a resting period of 45 minutes to 1 hour between 13:00pm - 14:00pm.
  9. All dogs will sleep downstairs whilst boarding with us.
  10. All dogs will be walked on a lead unless our information form is signed and agreed by the owner for their dog to be off lead.
  11. All dogs staying for home boarding are boarded for a 24 hour period. Therefore, drop off/collection will be at 11:00am on the day of arrival and 12:00pm on the following day. Any collection/drop off requirements outside of these hours will be charged at an additional £5 for collection up to 18:00pm.
  12. All dogs should be in general good health and should not be sent to Mucky Pups Pet Care with any prior illness, infection or injury. If we do not see your dog as fit to attend day care or home boarding, we will return them home, or to your emergency contact should we need to.